A Christmas Tree Story

One cold winter’s night, two little children were sitting by the fire to keep warm. All at once they heard a knock at the door, and one got up to answer it. There, outside in the cold dark night, stood a child with no shoes upon his feet or garments to keep warm. He was shivering with cold, and he asked to come in and warm himself.

“Yes! Come in!” Cried both the children. “You shall have our place over by the fire.”

They drew the little stranger to their big warm cushion by the fire and also shared whatever food they had with him. After eating all he could, the two children gave him their bed, while they slept on the cold hard floor.

Later that night when they were sleeping, they were awakened by the sounds of sweet angelic music coming from outside. Looking out the window, they saw a congregation of children glowing in shining angelic garments approaching the house. They were all playing golden harps, and the air was full of song and melody.

Suddenly the Child they knew only as a Stranger stood before them; no longer cold and ragged, no longer unfamiliar, but clad in in a white robe, and radiating a silvery light.

“In a soft voice with a gentle and caring smile, He said, “I was cold and you took Me in. I was hungry, and you fed Me. I was tired, and you gave Me your bed. As you have given to Me, so may this tree provide you with rich fruit during this season every year.”

After stating those words, He broke a branch from a fir tree nearby, planted it in the ground just a few feet from the house, and disappeared. Almost instantly, the branch grew into a great tree; and every year it bore a bounty of wonderful golden fruit for the two kind children to enjoy.


Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control are the fruits we at Pennekamp Law believe in to keep you and those around you safe and well. Just as the two young children took care of the Stranger in need, so do we at Pennekamp Law wish to do with everyone with legal needs in the Miami and the South Florida areas.

Pennekamp Law would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas during this festive time. May your tree bare you much fruit this Holiday Season and continue to provide you with Joy and Happiness all year long. If you have any legal needs that you would like to discuss with us, please call 305-998-5595 or click on the Contact Us button below to submit your case.

Merry Christmas,

Pennekamp Law