Quick Overview

Randy founded Hyperlink Ink in 2016 and has diligently applied his quest for technology and content design and development. His years of entrepreneurial experience is grounded in resourceful thinking, and a positive “can do” commitment to helping others in the Internet marketing community achieve their goals. Over his career he has served as a strategic partner and manager for dozens of companies requiring digital advertising strategy, design, development, and project management.


Randy Bowen graduated from California State University, Chico in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology and a concentration in Polymer Science. He remained at Chico State to attain his Masters of Science in Instructional Technology where in 1997 & 1998, he created, authored, and published one of the first accredited Industrial Technology classes provided by College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology within the California State university system.

Randy remained at Chico State to pursue a Masters of Science in Instructional Technology. It was an idea suggested by the university that randy committed to, and as a by-product the first accredited Industrial Technology classes provided by College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology within the California State university system.

Sun Microsystems

After college, Randy turned his post-graduate education into real-life experience when he joined a group of contract instructors in 1998 with whom he successfully wrote a new line of Solaris training manuals and delivered System Administration training to 1000’s of employees and customers of Sun Microsystems in over 25 states across the U.S. As this experience happened during the “Dot Com Boom”, it opened Randy’s eyes to importance, permanence, power, and possibilities of the business of content development for the Internet.


Due to the economic crisis that hit the Internet community in 2001, funding for training contracts with Sun Microsystems quickly dried up. In response to the change in the training market, Randy founded unixnotes.com in 2002 to provide “gray-market” Solaris training and training manuals to clients that were no longer able to afford the official classes provided by Sun Microsystems. The courseware and training services Randy provided were not only more affordable, but trainers travelled to the client to make it more convenient as well.

RB Consulting

In 2006, Randy was asked to rejoin the instructors he worked with in the past to write training manuals and deliver training for an email software company that delivered a bulk email software solution that authenticated and whitelisted IP addresses to deliver and track emails to the inbox of the Top-20 email service providers at that time. This experienced opened up the world of email marketing, more specifically to the technologies and best practices necessary to deliver and track mass amounts of bulk email.

Hyperlink Ink

In time, after consulting with a handful of Internet marketing agencies over a handful of years, Randy added highly the profitable niche industries of social media marketing, landing page design, content marketing, and conversion optimization to his quiver of Internet marketing services. As a result, Randy founded Hyperlink Ink in January of 2016 to house all of his Internet marketing skills and reporting services under one roof.

Currently, Randy is acting as Founder and President of Hyperlink Ink, and managing operations at its corporate headquarters located in Pacific Beach, California.