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Product Liability Claims


When you purchase a product online, from the market, or from a local dealer, you are trusting it is safe for consumption / use. Unfortunately, when manufacturers, distributors, and designers rush the process, they can leave consumers at risk of dangerous and defective products.

Every year, thousands of consumers in the United States unknowingly purchase products that are dangerous or defective in nature. These product defects can be caused by a defect in the design, manufacturing defects (ex: the use of poor quality materials or not correctly training staff), or can have dangers that stem from insufficient warnings or instructions regarding usage.

If you have suffered from the usage of a dangerous or defective product, it is crucial that no time is wasted in enlisting the help of an experienced accident and injury law firm. At Pennekamp Law, our lawyers and been assisting and helping local Miami Product Liability victims, and have more than 55 years of combined legal experience.

We can help with products liability cases involving:

  • Aviation accidents
  • Automotive accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Tire defect accidents
  • Sliding gate accidents
  • Garage door defects


Examples of defective products can include everything from a vehicle part to a toy to a prescription drug. Knowing whether or not you have a products liability claim goes beyond determining whether you were injured from the use of an item; you will also need to prove the product was either defective or inherently dangerous. For example, even if you suffered an injury while using an item, you cannot file a claim if the injury was caused because you clearly misused the product outside of uses detailed in the instructions.

Situations where a product is considered unreasonable dangerous:

  • Product failed to perform as a reasonable person would expect
  • Product failed to perform as the manufacturer would reasonably expect
  • Product carries an inherent danger that outweighs its benefits

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