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Swimming Pool Accident Claims

In a temperate state such as Florida, where we enjoy the sun all year round, swimming happens every day. Swimming pools, however, hold an inherent risk of danger for both visitor and swimmer alike. This is especially true when the pool or property owner has not taken the proper precautions to provide the safest possible environment for their guests.

At Pennekamp Law, we know how serious a pool injury or drowning can be and have dedicated our entire firm to the ensuring that the gravity of our clients’ injuries are made plain before the law. Our diligent, aggressive advocacy has allowed us to recover millions of dollars on behalf of the injured victims and families that have depended on us.

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Some swimming pool injuries, like those due to lack of lifeguard supervision or rusting or faulty equipment, demonstrate negligence by the pool owner and can be brought to civil court. More common, however, are attractive nuisance cases, in which children who do not know any better trespass onto pool grounds and become harmed.

Attractive nuisance laws are one of the few premises liability circumstances in which trespassers (the children) are protected under the law. These laws make sure property owners understand that their property provides a dangerous, enticing circumstance for children and that they must provide the proper precautions to prevent them from getting hurt.

Attractive nuisance cases usually rely on proving the following:

  • The property owner knew or should have known that circumstances on their property could be dangerous to unattended children.
  • The dangerous condition was likely to cause harm to an unattended child.
  • The child, because of their age, did not realize the risk of involved with the dangerous conditions of the property.
  • The burden or cost of eliminating the risk on the property is relatively small compared to the potential harm it may cause.
  • The property owner failed to act (within a reasonable time) to take proper measures to protect children from potentially harming themselves.

If you believe that a pool owner is responsible for violating Florida’s attractive nuisance law—or did not provide safe conditions for pool visitors and swimmers of any age—then we invite you to call our firm today. Our Miami injury attorneys are ready to help assess your case and, if necessary, start structuring a claim that accurately and emphatically speaks to your pain and suffering.


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