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Falling Accidents- your fault or theirs?

Falling accidents occur often, for a variety of reasons and in a multitude of different ways. Occasionally, falls are simply accidents and there is no one to blame but yourself. However, in many instances falling accidents can be due to the negligence of others.

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Slip and Falls in Florida – an uphill battle!

Historically, Florida’s laws regarding slip and fall accidents developed much like the majority of negligence actions through the common law. Although the legislature sought to bring some uniformity to slip and fall cases by setting forth the duties of stores to invitees in 2002, in 2010 the legislature repealed the existing law and replaced it…

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When is a dangerous product defective?

As society has modernized, in many ways it has become safer. The threats of injury from wildlife and illness or sickness from disease have both decreased substantially. However, at the same time that these risks have decreased, we have been surrounded by man made products that have become more and more sophisticated and technologically advanced.…

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Product Liability Examples – Goods Gone Bad

Product liability cases can involve almost any conceivable man-made item. Pennekamp Law has experience with a vast number of different types of product liability cases. Below are some examples of the more dramatic product liability cases we have successfully handled for our clients.

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Cyclists Versus Clubbers

Miami contains a vast network of biking trails that are used year-round by recreational and long-distance bicyclists alike. Miami also has one of the largest populations who use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. In fact, many of the public transportation commuter buses in Miami are even equipped with bike racks to accommodate bicycle…

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