Holding Liable Parties Accountable After A Rental Car Accident

After a car accident, two parties are typically involved: the person liable for the accident and the victim of the accident. It can be a fairly simple process in a two-party claim to earn the compensation you need for your injuries. When one or both drivers were in a rental car, things can get much more complicated.

At Pennekamp Law, our lawyers know the difficulties of a personal injury claim from a rental car accident. We can help you untangle the web of complications as we pursue the compensation you need for your injuries.

What Makes Things So Complex?

The difficulty in rental car injuries comes from who may be liable for the costs of your recovery. While in a nonrental accident the other driver may be the only liable party, a rental accident may have a different liable party. The rental company or their insurance company may be the one responsible for your compensation, and they each have lawyers who fight to avoid that responsibility.

Our goal as your Florida lawyers is to determine who is ultimately responsible for your injuries and secure a result that accurately reflects your injuries’ current and future expenses. We are not a firm that backs down from the aggressive tactics of large legal firms. If negotiations cannot yield the outcome you deserve, we are prepared to fight for you with our skilled litigation services.

Choose Representation You Can Depend On

It can be hard to balance recovering from your injuries with pursuing the compensation you need to cover the costs. Let our negotiation and litigation skills help you, so you can focus on your health.

Contact our Miami office today if you are ready to see how we can assist in your personal injury claim. Call us at 305-860-4445 to schedule your initial consultation.

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