Pennekamp Law specializes in all types of catastrophic injury cases, including bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death cases, and many more. Any type of significant injury case where a family member or their loved ones require a high level of recovery and post recovery care, is what we classify as a catastrophic injury.

One of the hardest things that we have to do at Pennekamp Law, and as lawyer from The Bianchi Law Group in general, is to place a value on the most priceless of thing in this world, the life of a person. This is a challenge we face in all of our Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death cases along with other colleagues in our field.

Why Use Video

One of the most effective ways we have found in attempting to place a value on the priceless nature of human life, is to put the traumatic event, and its effects on the family into video to show the emotional injuries, and the psychological injuries of the various family members. This helps the jury identify with the members of the family and see the injuries they incur that are otherwise not so easily visible. The OVI lawyers based in Delaware can also deal with accidents and injury cases.

At Pennekamp Law, showing the feelings and the pains the family, and the friends which have been mostly affected by the tragedy, is the hardest part to convey to the jury. That is why we put so much effort into putting together and producing a comprehensive video of the tragedy and the immediate events thereafter, so it’s never lost. This is done so the realities and the effects to all the people that have been affected are preserved for years and years later, and that way the decedent can be represented in an honorable and correct fashion for the unfortunate event.

We also use video to get the testimony of the victims in their own and in their own normal and comfortable environment, as opposed to a legal deposition where they pressured or courtroom where they feel like they are being judged. This is not only more comfortable for the victim, but studies have proven their testimony to be more credible and exact when discussing the unfortunate set of circumstances they were recently placed in.

Using Video With Wrongful Death

Our legal team based on my response recently resolved a complex catastrophic case involving a very tragic motorcycle accident where our client was critically injured in an accident due to the recklessness and negligent behavior of a drunk driver. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, our client passed away and we were asked to represent the heirs of the deceased in that case.

Upon being retained, we immediately began documenting the daily life events of the family relating to the tragedy, the realities it presented, as well as bringing to life the emotions and the various traumas they had to live with. We did this to provide the jury a thorough understanding of the pain and suffering experienced by the family during the mourning period, the legal and financial period, and basically any and all time after the accident and before the time of the trial.

In addition to producing the video of the testimonials from the family members, we also used the video to create a quick reenactment of the actual facts of the incident in an animated illustration. This allowed us to bring to life the significance of the impact, the abrasiveness and the recklessness of the defendant, and then it allowed us to convey the unfortunate consequences for our clients.

The preceding case we just discussed is a confidential case where it was resolved for $6 million dollars, which is the the maximum policy limits available under the insurance of the at-fault party.

Using Video With Catastrophic Injury

In a recent Catastrophic Injury case we have been litigating, our client had been in ICU for about four months due to multiple orthopedic surgeries and a brain injury. Again, we used the power and convenience of video to go into the hospital, into the rehab facilities, and into the client’s home, to record the amount of pain and suffering they experienced throughout the process of their recovery. This video was different than the wrongful death scenario previously discussed, as this particular video was with a case involving the actual injured victim, not the family of the victim.

As for this particular client, we knew that in three or four years time, our client was hopefully going to heal and live a somewhat normal life. However, we didn’t want that period of years in time to be lost, when they were going through recovery and suffering traumatically. We had to capture the realities of that period quickly, so we immediately began videoing the victim while they were in recovery and we feel that evidence is what ultimately won our client the case.

Using videos allows us, the plaintiff’s attorneys, to present and bring back to life the words that we’re so accustomed to putting on paper, into live video recordings or animated reenactments. At the end of the day, we choose to use video in our Catastrophic Injury and wrongful Death cases as it has proven to increase our opportunity to maximize the reward settlements for our clients.


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