One of the last problems you expect to deal with while having fun while on vacation is a serious injury.

When this issue happens, you should take several steps to protect yourself in this confusing and scary circumstance.

1. Focusing on your surroundings can help you

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should get treatment or medical help as soon as possible even if you are on vacation in another country. Take note of the names of anyone involved and any other important personal information you may need later.

Alerting people around the area who may have seen what happened and asking them for their phone numbers as well can help you. Talking to someone in charge of the building or property where the accident occurred is also important to establish what happened.

2. Thinking before speaking is key

While you may want to discuss what happened with other people, staying quiet about the details immediately after an injury is safer. Since you may accidentally say something that would put the blame for your injury on you, you should take care to not discuss this subject with anyone involved in the accident.

3. Following medical advice will make a difference

Even though you may want to continue your vacation like normal, following any medical advice you get from your doctor can aid you in the future. This can reduce the chance of complications, as well as help you if you need to prove your injuries later on for insurance reasons.

Knowing what to do when suffering from an injury while on vacation can help you if you feel stressed and overwhelmed.