Living in Florida in the winter as a snowbird is a great way to avoid the hardships of winter, like icy roads and shoveling your driveway, but it may come with additional risks. Recently, Florida’s transportation department noticed an increase in car accidents in the winter months. This may be related to the increase in older people coming to stay for the winter.

Ways to stay safe on Florida winter roads

In just the months of November and December, there is a 5% increase in car accidents in Florida. Between December and January have more accidents than June and July do, calling for more safety precautions throughout the winter months for drivers.

A few ways that drivers can take measures to protect themselves include:

  • Proper car maintenance – keeping your car up-to-date on its headlights, tires and brake pads can offer the protection drivers need on the road.
  • Avoid fatigue – a long drive to Florida can take a lot out of the driver. If you are feeling fatigued, take some time to recover at a rest stop or switch drivers with a passenger if possible.
  • Reduce distractions – before setting off on your trip, make sure you have your GPS set up and your phone set to hands-free mode. Eliminating these distractions can drastically improve your safety.
  • Take your time – there is no need to speed to your destination, especially when it only jeopardizes your health. Also, instead of eating while driving, give yourself a break to stop at a restaurant and eat.

These are just a few things you can do to stay safe this winter. While you cannot control how other people drive, you can also make sure to keep an eye on those around you to avoid reckless drivers.

Put your safety first

By taking the time to stay safe on the road by following these tips, you can help ensure you make it to your winter destination safely and make it to next year. Remember that winter is the most dangerous time of year to drive in Florida, so make sure you combat the statistics by staying safe.